Thursday, June 24, 2010

Easy Peasy Ice Cream Cake

Ice cream!!

Summer is made by things like lemonade, sunshine, and basking in the long, slow days. And then there is ice cream which is just the creamy delicious ice cream on the perfect cake of a season.

That's completely illogical metaphor now. But come on, this ice cream cake is so good, it is allowed such ridiculous phrasing.

For the layering of this cake, you need to pick out 3 flavors of ice cream to use. I made mine with peanut butter (the middle), peanut butter cup, and then ben and jerry's version of peanut butter cup. All of them share a common theme- peanut butter cups :) !! I used the favored candy to garnish and also selected peanut butter ice cream sandwiches to make it completely over the top.

It's a peanut butter cup overdose.

But, I have made this cake several different ways! In the summer, fruit is also always refreshing. I have layered it before with stawberry, oreo cookie, and then strawberry again, topping the cake with strawberries. It was pretty delicious but, I am sure you can come up with even more fabulous flavors when you give it a go yourself :)

(Also! In this particular cake, I was a ditz and forgot to add milk to the oreo crust to hold it together. Thus why it's crumbly in the photos. Don't forget the milk! Or you too shall suffer the consequences...)

Layered Ice Cream Cake
-15 oreo cookies
-2 tablespoon milk
-6 to 9 ice cream sandwiches (depending on size of pan)
-3 pints of ice cream of various flavors
-Candy or whipped cream to garnish (optional)

Coat the bottom of a round springform pan with nonstick cooking spray. Line side with wax paper, using nonstick spray to help adhere. Trim paper to the height of the pan. Finely crush the cookies, add the milk, and set aside. Unwrap ice cream sandwiches, working quickly, cutting them first in half, then quarters. Stack the sandwich strips in the pan, packing snugly together along the wax paper. Once they complete the outside, put the crushed oreo crust in the bottom of the pan, making sure it reaches the edges of the sandwiches. Layer your ice cream flavors one pint at a time, dumping ice cream and spreading before adding next layer and flavor. Garnish as you like and freeze overnight. To serve, remove the side of the pan an then the waxed paper. Should look lovely :)


  1. it looks delicious. i'll try it soon

    1. thank you! it really REALLY is! even though summer is wrapping up, I imagine there are a few fun fall flavors and then minty-winter flavors you could experiment with :)