About the Author

This is Meaghan. She's sometimes human and sometimes a doodle.

Meaghan Luby is occupationally a business writer, figuratively a fiction writer/novelist, and constantly clumsy. This Clutzy corner of the web will navigate you through her trials and tribulations as a cook, writer, geek, crafter, photographer, doodler, wife, and crazy person. 

She's married to this handsome man who goes by Esquire on the blog. He also is sometimes a doodle.

He's a law man (thus why his name is removed on the blog). He can sometimes keep Meaghan grounded and sometimes be incorrigible. Due to 12-year old Meaghan thinking she could take care of a puppy, they own a grouchy 14 year old dog together who's horrible and adorable. Surprisingly, he shows up as a doodle even more than Esquire.

Plus, he makes a cute ewok, right? 

Meaghan blogs and writes things, which is why you are here. You can find out more on Meaghan and what exactly is up with this blog by clicking through the links below.

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