Thursday, April 28, 2011

Change of Plans

So as some of you, (one of you, Matt Austin), may have noticed, I didn't post last week. But, I didn't forget. I did it on purpose.

No really. I did. 

I have been swamped in my life and, when i was in California, my mom asked me why I was running myself ragged and stressing about things that were supposed to be fun. This was just one of the things I was stressing about but I realized, I didn't have to.

I can post less. And then I am still doing it but also still enjoying it.

And I will have time to write again. Because that, which is the point of it all, had fallen to the side of my life when it should be close to the center.

I hope you all understand that I want things to work out and that's why I am doing this. So, I posted two weeks ago! That's the new routine. New header and everything. Expect my next comic by tomorrow at midnight! Things will be happier. Things are happier. Things have been happier. 

I hope you're happy too :)

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  1. Ciao Meg,
    Molto bello tuo nuovo template.
    Una buona settimana per te.