Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Soggy Left-Over Fries Get Revamped to Crispy-Spicy-Joy-Bites... Plus Clutzy Cooking gets Revamped, Too!

(That's my infamous finger lickin' roast chicken in the background but, try and focus on how deliciously crunch-tastic and spicy those fries look...)
First of all, no I did not fry these things again. 

But how many times have you brought home your left overs and had these once crisped to perfection french fries sitting in your Styrofoam container all desolate, wilted, and sad? 

Too many to count? Me too! 

What I did here was pretty simple. I had a GALLON BAG of leftover fries (long story) that were all wilted and sad but I couldn't make myself throw away on the principal of "Hey, that's a gallon bag of food". 

So. Instead I combined a LOT of spices with some Panko bread crumbs and corn meal, dipped the fries in some whisked up eggs, rolled them in the spicy crunchy crumbs, and lined them up on a baking sheet I had sprayed with PAM. 

I baked them at 400 for 10 mins, flipped them over, baked them til crispy on that side (5 more) and then let them crisp up until I was happy that I wouldn't have any lame soggy fries. 

Yum. I didn't end up with any soggy messes. Just deliciously baked and crunchy fries. 

I suggest for your spices: salt, pepper, cayenne, garlic, paprika, and any other blackening seasonings you enjoy. You could go the garlic and Italian herb route as well with I am sure equally awesome results. I did spicy bites and they were just awesome.

Next time you have left over fries, don't dump them! Get creative. This technique should yield happy things for you. As you can probably tell, this revamping of slumped left over fries was pretty klutz friendly :)

Now then, on to the revamping of my blog! This was considerably more difficult for me to pull of but, I am pretty thrilled with the results. You may have noticed there are all those nifty tabs under my home page/header. Well, you should CLICK them! They now go to all kinds of awesome places. I wanted this main page to be REALLY about cooking/recipes. I will still post tiny updates here when I add things to the other pages but, to read those full posts, you'll have to go to their respective tabs. Here's the general break down:

Clutzy Crafts: This section holds the few crafts I have posted to date and will be where I post all future craft like posts. I have two big things in the works (including a post on the murder mystery dinner I threw!) so please follow this page if you are interested in the craft updates!

Clutzy Fiction: This section is kind of my dream section. I don't know how many of you know/recall this but, I want to be a writer someday. In the meantime, I blog and have all these fun unpublished manuscripts that I am editing/working on and hoping to send out to agents this fall. Maybe someday this section will hold information on my own novels! That's the dream. In the meantime, it holds two of my short stories from under-grad and potentially more writing exercises as I keep writing short pieces as distractions from editing.

Clutzy Photography: I KNOW I AM NOT A PHOTOGRAPHER! I KNOW! THANK YOU FOR THAT INPUT, IT IS SO GREAT TO HAVE SO MANY "FANS"! Ha. Really, I promise I didn't put this section in to make people indignant or make people's eyes bleed. I like to take pictures. I think mine are better than a lot I have found on the web. I don't have a flickr page (yet) so deal with it when I post them here. If you can not be a snob, maybe even follow that page and enjoy some pretty pictures. I have a fancy camera, it takes fancy pictures, and hopefully doesn't make your soul die.

Geek Cooking: MY FAVORITE SECTION! Obviously. This is where I focus and highlight all the geek references that show up as food here on my blog. I really love everything about this page, including this newly designed header :)

And that's the changes in a nut shell. Freshly designed headers, new places to dump new posts/ideas. Better structure and kind of this epic monster of a blog that lets my creativity pour into many many facets. 

I kind of have project ADD so, this is fantastic for me. Hopefully you readers find it an enjoyable set up for you as well! You guys are all awesome and so patient while I was making all these pages- I adore every last one of you! More praise especially for you guys later today :) 
Love, Meg

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