Monday, October 22, 2012

Cupcakes A-Z: H is for...

How I Met Your Mother!

5 suits, one of which sporting a ducky tie, creates the pop reference for these cupcakes. 

The suits shown above and referenced here are Barney's (played by Neil Patrick Harris for those unfamiliar) trademark move. In one episode in particular, he sings a dream sequence with the cast on how passionately he adores his suits. 

You can see that video here.

In another episode, Barney loses a bet and the Ducky Tie is introduced.

Essentially, he hates it.

It was one of the many entertaining plot lines the show takes.

If you haven't seen HIMYM, you're missing out. Don't start with the current season, check it out from Season 1 on. Like the office and so many other shows, the earlier Seasons are the ones that hold the magic. The current ones are still great but, the beginnings of the series are simply spectacular. 

We are on H! Whew, slowly but surely going through this alphabet. I will be (attempting) to post 1 letter a day for this week and then starting next week, move back to a simpler 1 letter a week approach. 

Possibly with NON ALPHABET recipes posted once a week as well. We'll see though. We all know how hard it is for me to keep on track as it is.

Life is just beautifully distracting sometimes though, don't you think? 

Thanks for reading, all! 

A Part of the Cupcakes A thru Z Project

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