Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Favorite Unnoticed Recipes

Two posts in one day, what madness is this?! How fun! How strange! Why?!

It's actually stemming from some foodie insecurity. We'll see what you guys think. Also, before I get all ranty: please note recipe updates are on Friday now as that just makes more sense for my new work schedule. This Friday I have for you Harry Potter's Feast! Get excited.

I had a follower comment they were leaving today, meaning no longer following, in response to my recent post- I am guessing due to the fact that it wasn't food related/I haven't posted anything in a long time due to my life getting restructured/out of hand. It was one of my comics, one that I had really rather enjoyed writing. The fact that they had let me know why they left makes me wonder if more of you guys are struggling.

"Okay, bye, bye, klutzy cooking. Can't follow this anymore."

Don't get mean, or defensive, for me, (unless you want to point out that it's Clutzy Cooking, which is a fair point). It is understandable of them to leave! Fair even. I can be a confusing person, I understand. I am just hoping I am not a confusing blog. I wanted to know if anyone else was to the point of leaving due to post whip lash. I try and keep things organized by tabs and also by tags. I also aim to write a dern good food blog and don't want you guys to back off because I have some other topics mixed in. 

So, this post is a question: should I attempt to break my blogs up again? Or can you guys tolerate them together? It is just SO much easier for me to keep them together... I am not asking if you like it, you don't have to like the comics or love the layout but, can you handle it? Is it okay? Sometimes enjoyable to have non food topics pop up?

I only post comics twice a month. And crafts maybe once a month. 

Let me know. I love you guys and don't want to lose ya. 
And now! Some food. I feel insecure that my blog is getting too far off the "foodie" track but also, these recipes have been demanding more attention for some time. Please check them out- they are some of my absolute favorites but have been passed over many a time in the past:



  1. I don't see a need to split out your non cooking blog posts personally. I have an unending love of recipes and food pics, but I certainly can appreciate other content. ;)

    Such a great selection of treats....such beautiful color in the blackberry it!

  2. I don't think you need to split them either. I love your comics!
    Also, I've been meaning to try these homemade tagalongs for a long time. I printed it out when I first found it...and it's been sitting on my, "Oh, how I long to have time for this" pile.

  3. You need to do what's easier for you! And that is one fantastic collection of treats. Now I need to go back and check them all out, especially those tagalongs....

  4. No, I don't think you need to split your blog. Your blog isn't confusing. I look forward to the Harry Potter feast!

  5. Meg you are doing a great job! The blog is what you like and you are diversified. We cannot please everyone regardless of what we do.. Right?
    I know my blog isn't a HUGE success which I WISH it was, but to me it's mine. If some people would like to comment and read then I'm totally thrilled and luv when they do. Don't get me wrong that it can be a lil depressing when noone does. But all in all at the end of the day are you doing it for you too?? Does it make you happy? Then it's all good then!

    PS next time you want to make those tagalongs you can always send them my way :)

  6. Aw Heck - don't let one other person's opinion cause you to change the wonderful way you express yourself here. You are done one fine job...awesome recipes and great reads. I say..BE YOURSELF AND DO YOUR THING! It's what the rest of us love about being here...can't please everyone all the time!

  7. My posts are generally all over the place, and some people prefer just looking at a recipe, but others like to get to know the person 'behind the blog', I'd do whatever it is that you enjoy! All these recipes look pretty darn tasty too...and I'm the same way, I have some stuff I thought was really good, but didn't get "noticed" :)

  8. I agree with all above. I love your blog just how it is :)