Thursday, May 31, 2012

What Happened to B? Ice Cream Cake Pops...

Well, so. B never happened on Monday. I have no idea why, it was supposed to post. It just decided not to. Which is fine, I'll post it now. But, still.

And I don't notice because of that list. Pretty fun, right? 

My To-Do list is self generating at this point. And it's tragic because all I want to do is play SNES and eat pretzel M&Ms.

Or some of these guys. Yummmmm!

These pics are kind of old. /Really old. Remember that giant Hogwarts cake I made? Well, it was chocolate and massive. And so, after about 3 days of it taking up way too much space, I spooned it and smashed it into dixie cups topped with ice cream and made more ice cream cake pops again. 

I say again because of those inception cake pops I made when I failed to make inception cake. (Which probably have better instructions on how to pull these lil guys off) This is why it's CLUTZY cooking people, ha. Failures! To post, to cook.We work with it, make something new.

It's fine.

God, those were so good. These pics are almost a year old and now I am wishing more than anything that I had more in my freezer. The giant hogwarts cake yielded so many we had them in our freezer for ages. I am talking 100 lil cake pops in various gallon zip locks- labelled for their flavor options.

The flavors you see here are Spumoni, far right. Which, is one of my favorite American-Italian creations. Cherry, pistachio, chocolate ice creams and usually whipped cream and cherries.

Far right we have cake batter ice cream! Target sells this, it's awesome. Cake batter ice cream sports yellow cake pieces and sprinkles, which when used as a topper for some chocolate cake, makes these pops taste like some delicious marble cake creation.

The one seen melting in the back is Peanut Butter Chocolate. I feel like that doesn't need explaining, I am actually surprised I let that one sit on the plate long enough to get melty. That must've taken some restraint, year ago me. However, as you can see, I was munching on the spumoni one so, I guess I was placated somewhat :)

Make and Enjoy! B posting within 30 seconds of this, ha.

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