Friday, March 28, 2014

Homemade (Maple) Whipped Cream

This really shouldn't even count as a recipe.
It's just a cool science trick you can do with heavy cream and some sugar/flavorings.
I made mine to go on waffles. Because waffles yesterday... waffles forever.

You know how it is.

My awesome sister-in-law had gotten us some Michigan maple syrup that seemed like an ideal pairing to freshly whipped cream.

It worked out brilliantly.

Take 1 cup Heavy Whipping cream (1 cup will make 2 cups whipped).
Whip with a whisk or electronic beaters (wire) until soft peaks form.

If you over beat, you will know quickly. The whipped cream doesn't look like a delicious bowl of whipped cream. It looks somewhat lumpy, like butter.

You can now add some sugar (taste to find your sweetness) or you can add flavors in various forms. Such as maple syrup.

You can probably even whip that stuff in before beating (just by adding it to the bowl with the heavy cream). Here is a video on how to make whipped cream if this approach seems too simple and you'd like to see it for yourselves.

It's really that easy though.

Yummmm, how good does that look?

I have made whipped cream with raspberries blended in, whipped cream with mint extract for oreo cake, whipped cream with peanut butter melted and then blended in...

The possibilities are endless!

Maple whipped cream on waffles was pretty fantastic though.

These waffles were pumpkin to boot. And had sugared pecans on top.

I mean, really.

Enjoy and replicate Maple or try making some new flavors of whipped cream, my friends! And let me know how all whipped cream experiments go!

Compared to store bought, this is just too good! Plus cheaper. 
The reasons to make for yourselves are outstanding :)