Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pie Potstickers

Remember that Nutella Ravioli I threw together? Well, this is like that but, instead, it's made with pie filling. Delicious delicious pie filling. As SOON as I made the nutella raviolis, I knew i wanted to make that recipe again with fruit filling.

Snacky deliciousness. My cooking creative vibes were a buzzing and I knew I had to make these ASAP. And it was beyond worth it. I can't explain how A) fun they are as a snack and to plate up and B) how delicious. How very very delicious.

I made these with pre-made pie fillings because I have never made fruit pies before. I used blueberry and apple. The blueberry was overly sweet so, I drained some of the syrups and added a lot of lemon curd. It turned out perfect. I dusted them with powdered sugar to make them even more presentable. Take caution pressing the edges with the purple jam...

The apple filling was more difficult to work with from the can, however. It tasted like... apple baby food. It was sugar, apple mush. So, I needed to get that less gross, more delicious apple pie filling. I decided to cook it in a skillet with tequila and cinnamon...

As a college student, I suppose I just have an affection for tequila :)

With the frying and the cinnamon, it became an irresistible pie filling. Served warm over a scoop of icecream, these little treats are an adorable dessert. Served plain, a delicious snack.

Please make and enjoy :)

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