Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Salami Pesto Wraps

As with several other recipes that are soon to be posted, these salami pesto wraps came into being due to my moving out of my apartment and needing to use all my groceries before that time. I had a bunch of salami, as well as some cream cheese, pesto, and a tube of crescent rolls and so, these lovely snacks were born.

My roomie, Em, loved them. I can't help but agree that they are pretty dang delicious. The combination of salami and cream cheese is always spectacular, for those of you who doubt me, try it yourself and be amazed. Absolutely divine.

Salami Pesto Wraps
-Salami Pieces, sliced thin (for a package of 8 rolls, you need 16 thin pieces, 8 thicker)
-Cream Cheese
-1 tube crescent rolls

Roll the dough from the tube out into 4 rectangles, pinching and ignoring the lines they give you to cut into triangles. Cut 4 rectangles into 8 squares (just halve them all). Spread each first with cream cheese and then layer with pesto. Don't be shy here, that's where a majority of the flavor lives! Fold the salami round into half, then half again. You should have what looks like 1/4 of the circle layered up. Place into your prepared crescents and fold the dough to cover the salami entirely. Bake as per directed on the crescent package, typically at 425 for 8-10 mins or until golden.

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  1. these were amazing(!) and they warm up well if you have extras.