Monday, May 16, 2011

Assorted Galactic Cheesecakes

YAY CHEESECAKES! I took this plain recipe for Cheesecake which I used for the Jar Jar Cheesecake and made three different flavors by separating them into mixing bowls and pouring into mini cheesecake pans. 

The Death Star has the addition of chocolate chips. I piped it with black icing after smearing it with some gray/blue icing. 

The Chewie cheesecake is made with nutella and chocolate chips.

And Yoda! Aw, Yoda. My favorite character, so ugly he's cute. This is a key lime cheesecake. I juiced some key limes and zested them into the cheesecake batter. 

All the cheesecakes have a graham cracker crust. 

Make and enjoy :)

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