Thursday, June 9, 2011

Funfetti Cake Balls

Ha, you know what food is fun to eat and NOT Clutzy Cooking Friendly?

Why yes! Yes indeed, it is cake balls! Good guess!

Okay, I'll stop being me/ridiculous now. These are delicious- make them NOW. They are chocolate covered cake. Yep. Chocolate. Covered. Cake.

I found this recipe through stumbleupon on Bakerella's food blog. I am not much a fan of Red Velvet cake though so I decided to make Funfetti cake balls.

This recipe SOUNDS so easy and, while it is... for normal humans...if you are a true clutz like I am, you may run into some difficulties when it comes to melting chocolate without burning it and then dipping the cake without scorching your finger tips off.

Or covering your counters with melted chocolate bark. Which is difficult to clean, P.S.

Also, keep the size small and bite size. I made mine too big at first and they began to crumble apart and make things more messy for me. So, smaller is better in this case! Also, since I was struggling with just making BALLS, I decided it was a good idea to try and get fancy.

Because, that's clearly a good train of thought. 

Ha, despite the burns and muttered curses, these were fun too!

For those of you who don't understand what you're seeing (i.e. you non geek folk) those are Nintendo remotes and a NASA Space Shuttle. Woot for chocolate molds from! Oh, AND!!! The Shuttle flames are sprinkles! I can't tell you how happy that made me when throwing this all together. 


Anyway, this simple recipe is delicious but, can be messy. My methods clearly got me into more trouble then they were worth but, I am willing to try making this recipe again with chocolate cake and white chocolate shells at next opportunity. Or maybe yellow cake with a chocolate shell. Or carrot with a white chocolate shell!!!

Don't those just sound yummy? Absolutely all of them. Sign me up for the variety pack.

Ha, so! Mix it up, make them up, and let me know how they go!

Cake Balls
-1 cake mix
-1 can frosting
-1 package chocolate/almond bark for coating

Bake cake according to directions on box, in a 13 by 9 pan. Once cooled, crumble cake into large bowl, add can of frosting, and mix up til dough like. Round into balls. Place on cookie sheet and put into freezer til solid, (try an hour, I never did this and mine therefore fell apart!). Melt chocolate bark and dip balls into chocolate. Set aside on wax paper til cool. Add sprinkles if desired. Peel and serve :)


  1. small gum ball size works really well for this recipe. they were the hit of the party.

  2. These are the most amazing thing ever and i really have to say that you should really try making them....

  3. i was thinking of making funfetti cake balls, my husband just loves funfetti cake. the almond bark is a great idea for dipping, i need to try these!

  4. They look cute!! I just recently found out about cake balls, so recent that I haven't even had one yet. I know, I must rectify that for sure :)

  5. I'm sorry, I want funfetti cake balls for my birthday. WANT THEM!

  6. What kind of icing did you use for your funfetti cake balls? Funfetti cake mix and vanilla icing?

  7. I use and 8 oz package of cream cheese instead of the frosting. makes them slightly less sugary, yet still tastes delicious!!