Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Georgetown Cupcakes Giveaway! AKA The "Over 200 Awesome Humans & Over 50,000 Views" Giveaway!

So, I mentioned this on my facebook page but I haven't said it here yet. You guys are pretty much awesome. 

Over 200 of you follow me! Possibly even more! And you guys (and random strangers) have viewed this page over 50,000 times! So, I really really want to thank you somehow and, this is really the best way I know.

A giveaway! Yay, free things for you readers!!

So, what am I going to give you guys in this give away? Isn't it obvious? One lucky reader gets Georgetown Cupcakes! So long as you live in the United States- You can win a 1 dozen custom assortment of Georgetown Cupcakes (from TLC's "DC Cupcakes") sent from me directly to your door!

Sorry about that "United States" residency thing. I don't make the rules of Georgetown Cupcake's shipping policy but, that's apparently a thing. International readers, if you want to call me out on the fact that this stinks and you are bummed you don't get to enter, here's a prize just for you! If you send me your address and grievances about missing out on cupcakes via e-mail, I will send you a postcard with a comic of my condolences!

I know my comics are not as sweet (see what I did there?) as Georgetown Cupcake's but, maybe they can sooth some of the pain in missing out this round... 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Soggy Left-Over Fries Get Revamped to Crispy-Spicy-Joy-Bites... Plus Clutzy Cooking gets Revamped, Too!

(That's my infamous finger lickin' roast chicken in the background but, try and focus on how deliciously crunch-tastic and spicy those fries look...)
First of all, no I did not fry these things again. 

But how many times have you brought home your left overs and had these once crisped to perfection french fries sitting in your Styrofoam container all desolate, wilted, and sad? 

Too many to count? Me too! 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Screw the WORLD Brownies!

Here is the sentiment of the year thus far. I have committed to over a dozen things and am seriously thinking about adding one more doozey of a commitment despite the fact that this commitment to so many commitments is going to get me committed...

Things haven't been the easiest lately. Remember how in my last post I had a breakdown after biting off more than I could possibly ever chew? Good times. I know a lot of you have also been picked up in the whirl wind that is spring but, it seems as though things are always spinning out here in DC and I have come to realize I need to take some more (a lot more) me time and stop having this lovely pattern of "go go go!" and then a few days of zombie like exhaustion in which nothing gets done.

It's just funny because it's been an EXTREMELY fun 2012 because I have had these epic, jam packed plans, often with awesome visitors, every single weekend... but I feel so worn out on all sides I don't think I am even really projecting "happy" anymore. I feel like my tired is a living, breathing, thing that is just making me miserable to be around. I have noticed I am sharper than normal, more bitter wit than good natured. Also, due to the constant stream of amusing activities and then exhaustion, oh yeah, and MY NORMAL JAMMED PACK ROUTINE OF WORK/HOBBIES, I seem to have become a hoarder. 

Things an OCD personality does not handle the concept of very well: hoarding. But all these clutter piles from clue mystery dinner crafts, ball attending, brother visiting, friend touring, and lord knows what else need to go somewhere before I have time to clean them up so, I have two junk boxes and the hall closet hiding my shameful, shameful, mess/unfinished projects/unopened mail/that's not even mentioning the laundry and what has happened to 3 of my purses.

Somewhere hiding in the ever creeping mess is a 1 inch SD card that has the photos from my clue party. I really wanted to update this blog with THAT first (as it was my amazing valentines day project and I think you guys would appreciate it) but, they photos never got uploaded and now the memory card is missing.

That's right guys. I am in a living nightmare of mess and disaster and lost memory cards. This is how we have ended up here. With "screw the world" brownies. Check these babies out:

I agree. These should be illegal. You may be wondering how these brownies got their name. Well, I originally found them in a Taste of Home cook book and they had a boring name like "Peanut Butter Brownie Bars". While I GUESS that describes these bars, I don't think it even really begins to touch on the RIDICULOUS decadence of these treats. These are brownies, topped with peanut butter cups, topped with a rice crispies, all held together by a chocolate peanut crunch of joy.

No sane person would ever, ever, go into that much sugar, butter, and sheer peanut butter joy without taking a moment to pause and consider. But only the insane wouldn't respond with "Screw it, I'm having one!"

Thus the name of the treats was created. These brownies are to be made in truly dire circumstances. When you've been dumped, devastated, or have no idea what else to do but have a small pity party and savor. These can really knock your taste buds back in gear and make you feel the chemical reactive joys of chocolate and sugar. Plus the "Screw him, screw this, screw THE FRIGGIN WORLD, AT LEAST I HAVE THE MOST MAGICAL BROWNIES ON THE PLANET" thing can be very therapeutic.