Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Busy Baked Oatmeal Cups: Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Protein Packed, and Easy! Working gal's dream...

Hello again! Been a bit too long between posts according to my calendar. I've missed you all. Things have once again just taken my life by storm. Anyone else ever feel like they are moving in fast forward? I have realized that unless I get myself extremely set up for the week, everything will pile up and get out of hand, ha. There's a lot of food prep to make sure meals happen, weekend cooking and baking to make sure we have food for the work week, and power purges of cleaning in order to make sure we don't live like dusty hoarders until the next weekend rolls around.

This weekend we had company so, none of those things happened. Last weekend too, ha. We in general have way too many amazing friend and family members- all we ever want to do is goof off with them! As I said, in order to make SURE a lot of other things happen, I rely heavily on meal prep to make dinners and breakfasts happen. Otherwise we end up eating out or grabbing Starbucks on our way to work. One of the super easy as well as healthy and protein packed ways I have found to make life easier is this recipe: baked oatmeal cups. Like muffins but full of health, not a bajillion calories.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Best Banana Bread Recipe

"Are we going to eat these disgusting bananas or are we saving them as some kind of experiment?" asks Esquire in disgust.

Honestly, how many times do you have to tell men "when bananas go black, I make you delicious baked goods" before they remember to stop complaining about the yellow-to-black-banana process happening on the counter? Esquire always seems to be genuinely confused as to why I am not throwing away rotten fruit and then genuinely happy to hear that Banana Bread/Oatmeal Cups/Cookies/Cream Pie is in his future. My dad has done the same thing to my mom for as long as I can remember. "Is there a reason we are keeping these shriveled bananas?" Yes, guys. This isn't news. This is what you do with bananas.

Unless you have toddlers. Then you also buy bananas to serve whilst yellow.

Anyway- after assuring my confused law husband that I was keeping them for a very delicious purpose, I whipped up some banana bread.

My family's banana bread to be exact. Arguably the best banana bread recipe there ever was. I am a bit of a banana bread snob actually, entirely due to the fact that I was raised on this bread.