Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pie Potstickers

Remember that Nutella Ravioli I threw together? Well, this is like that but, instead, it's made with pie filling. Delicious delicious pie filling. As SOON as I made the nutella raviolis, I knew i wanted to make that recipe again with fruit filling.

Snacky deliciousness. My cooking creative vibes were a buzzing and I knew I had to make these ASAP. And it was beyond worth it. I can't explain how A) fun they are as a snack and to plate up and B) how delicious. How very very delicious.

I made these with pre-made pie fillings because I have never made fruit pies before. I used blueberry and apple. The blueberry was overly sweet so, I drained some of the syrups and added a lot of lemon curd. It turned out perfect. I dusted them with powdered sugar to make them even more presentable. Take caution pressing the edges with the purple jam...

The apple filling was more difficult to work with from the can, however. It tasted like... apple baby food. It was sugar, apple mush. So, I needed to get that less gross, more delicious apple pie filling. I decided to cook it in a skillet with tequila and cinnamon...

As a college student, I suppose I just have an affection for tequila :)

With the frying and the cinnamon, it became an irresistible pie filling. Served warm over a scoop of icecream, these little treats are an adorable dessert. Served plain, a delicious snack.

Please make and enjoy :)

Nutella Lasagna

Another layering of the philo dough and attempt to use the groceries in my apartment. This time, instead of trying to get rid of the remaining bananas and raisins, I was trying to use the rest of my marshmellow fluff and nutella. Cutting the philo into strips, I spread with one, then added a strip, then spread with another, and stacked til I was finished. Baked at 350 once again, this time for about 20 minutes, and got this gooey, sticky, delicious mess.

There isn't much to say or go on about here. This is a case of not a real recipe...just you know, throwing things together in my clutzy cook mannerism. The delicious should speak for itself :)

Banana Philo Wraps

Having to move out of your apartment is difficult. Memories to package up, roommates and neighbors to say goodbye to, blank walls to have to stare at and remember. And then there are all the groceries you have that you need to use up before you leave. This particular recipe is a combination of leftover raisins, bananas, and philo dough. I layered the dough out with mushed up bananas, raisins, and cinnamon sugar. I rolled it up in a spiral, brushed it with egg whites, and then covered the whole thing in cinnamon sugar. Bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes, or until golden. Slice and serve :)

I liked it warm and with some vanilla ice cream. It was pretty much a great experiment.

Salami Pesto Wraps

As with several other recipes that are soon to be posted, these salami pesto wraps came into being due to my moving out of my apartment and needing to use all my groceries before that time. I had a bunch of salami, as well as some cream cheese, pesto, and a tube of crescent rolls and so, these lovely snacks were born.

My roomie, Em, loved them. I can't help but agree that they are pretty dang delicious. The combination of salami and cream cheese is always spectacular, for those of you who doubt me, try it yourself and be amazed. Absolutely divine.

Salami Pesto Wraps
-Salami Pieces, sliced thin (for a package of 8 rolls, you need 16 thin pieces, 8 thicker)
-Cream Cheese
-1 tube crescent rolls

Roll the dough from the tube out into 4 rectangles, pinching and ignoring the lines they give you to cut into triangles. Cut 4 rectangles into 8 squares (just halve them all). Spread each first with cream cheese and then layer with pesto. Don't be shy here, that's where a majority of the flavor lives! Fold the salami round into half, then half again. You should have what looks like 1/4 of the circle layered up. Place into your prepared crescents and fold the dough to cover the salami entirely. Bake as per directed on the crescent package, typically at 425 for 8-10 mins or until golden.

Snow Ball Cookies

To be honest, I'd never really found myself a big fan of the "Snowball" treat made by Hostess. I was always more of a "Ho-Ho" kind of girl. But I found myself craving the chocolatey-marshmellowy-coconuty-confection during my very hectic finals week and decided to give an improvisational dessert a whirl.

Basically, these are a variation and rendition of my carrot cake cookies. I used a chocolate cake mix instead though and completely changed the topping. I brought them in for a class, my last class in college actually, and everyone seemed to enjoy them! I had made about 50 so, the fact that only 5 remained at the end of the period was encouraging for the flavor approval.

As per me, these are extremely easy to make. You just need cake mix, an egg, oil, and then marshmallow fluff and coconut. I dyed mine pink for fun, my first time dying coconut!, and think it was worth the slight effort. Pretty much super easy and then the result is even more adorable.

In short, these are a fun, flavorful, cookie that will be easily made and enjoyed by all :)

Snowball Cookies
-1 devils food cake mix
-1 egg
-1/2 cup oil
-Marshmallow Fluff (Vanilla Icing would also work)
-Coconut Flakes
-Pink Food Dye (Optional)

Combine the mix, egg, and oil. Stir well, place on cookie sheet in small dollops. Bake at 350 for 8 to 10 minutes, allow to cool completely. Spread with fluff (or vanilla icing if you don't love the fluff) and then dip the cookie in coconut to coat the icing. Just dabbing the sticking icing/fluff into your coconut will make it stick. Serve and enjoy.

(I dyed my fluff pink by adding a few drops and stirring it up and my coconut by adding a few drops to the coconut in a gallon ziploc and then shaking it up. Once pink, I put it on a paper towel to dry a bit and then used it accordingly. Worked like a charm.)

Sunday, May 23, 2010


i feel like the worst blogger ever. i was pretty religious about this, trying to get 11 posts a month and things were solid. organized, well documented, fun activity.

and then, college began to wrap up. and i find myself in this turmoil of finals, goodbyes, graduation gowns, and huge huge huge transitions.

i flew through every spectrum of emotions and it was less then a month. i've moved, i've shifted, i've grown. i'm honestly lost in a sea of "what now" and "where".

lots of prayer for direction. for finding myself again. and then among other things that have turned me upside down and inside out, my long time and long distance boyfriend and i fizzled out for good.

transitions transitions transitions.

i'm sure these things are all good for me. i'm raw and need to be rebuilt right now and i know with me heart and soul that God's got a great plan for the woman i'll grow to be.

in the meantime, i made a pie this morning and it has been the first time i've floured my hands in awhile. the love of cooking this blog had started to allow to flourish flew back full force and i knew i had to come back to the commitment i had made to myself as a food blogger and enthusiast.

so, even though my absence may not have been noted by any, perhaps my return will be welcomed. i look forward to this journey as well as the broader ones i find myself on right now. should be, if nothing else, delicious :)