Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2 Norberts

So. This week was... 17 kinds of crazy. Michael Jackson's nose levels of crazy. Packers going to the super bowl levels of crazy. Oh wait... dang it. Anyway, I have to apologize. I do not have an epic silly story to share with you. I have been dealing with crazy.

As such! No time to illustrate/tell any tales. Not much time to breathe. I posted some recipes on my cooking blog but, even those are just silly- both having poorly shot pictures and exceptionally simple recipes. Don't judge me, I'm trying!

I will be simply leaving you with the image of Norbert the man eating chicken this week. And that is all. Make it last.

Thanks, Aisling, for the doodle that started this post. Hopefully you readers chuckle as much as she and I did upon the creation of said dual Norberts. Next week, I promise something legendary. Or at least of more substance than two pictures/paragraphs.

Get it?! Good.

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