Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cupcakes A-Z: L is for...


Ha, NO ONE knows that this movie is! If you know this movie, please comment so I can send you virtual hugs. This movie is pure glitter-sanity from the 80s and has a star studded cast including Tom Cruise and Tim Curry... and yet no one has ever heard of it or seen it that I know of. 

Other than the friends I forced to watch it.

This is SERIOUSLY one of the rainbow, glitter, unicorn scenes from the movie. This image has not been adapted whatsoever.

You can see why my cupcakes look like galaxy, rainbow, bubbles of joy...

Had to get a unicorn horn involved as well...
The movie was ALL about the unicorns.

And yes. Tom Cruise is wearing what appears to be a short sequined mini dress throughout most of the movie. It seriously hits at his upper thigh and looks like something he picked up at Forever 21. It is in reality his magical armor...

True story. The man has wayyyy better legs than I do.

I know this because for what seems the entire movie, he is wearing mini skirts (armor) and crouching all over the place.

Clutzy Cooking True Story:
If you play a Legend drinking game as you watch the movie and make the rule "anytime Tom Cruise crouches or someone says 'it's magic'" you will be blackout before any cupcakes you popped in the oven at the start of the movie are cooked through.

And then who will make the plain old ice cream cones a glitter filled, nerds and edible glitter covered, joy land for you and your friends?

Exactly. So be cautious as you watch and enjoy adult beverages, people! Tom Cruise's calves aren't messing around! 

A Part of the Cupcakes A thru Z Project


  1. I thought everyone knew about this movie! Though, I guess I don't go around asking my friends if they've seen it.... Tom Cruise not only had nice legs, but he also had fantastic hair Legend too!

    1. virtual hugs for knowing the flick! ha, he looked so young and delicate in this movie... the gold glitter armor didn't help ;)

  2. I love this movie! It is so fantastic in every beautiful sense of the word :-)

  3. I feel the same, love this movie! But when I said "pitch as black" to my husband (before marriage) and he knew what I was referring to, I knew I had to marry him!