Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall! Back on the Grid

Yes. I fail as a blogger.

Yes. My foodie responsibilities have been forgotten, neglected, and set aside.

Yes. This makes me like most all other bloggers who say "promise to write back soon!" and then a year later, create an entry reading "this year has been crazy!"

But! Here we go again. Trying to keep up with my own crazy cooking, trying to make time to wrangle some recipes out of the old family archives and try my hand at some fun ones I find on the web.

I apologize to this hiatus that I inadvertently took, this time it wasn't from graduating, being dumped, unemployed, and trying to glue my life back together in a touch of crisis. This time it was for good reasons!

I have gotten a job and moved across the country!!

I got offered a position and had to move within a month of the offer so, things kind of flew for me. I've been settling into my new life and, while things are still whirl winding around me, the adventure is making it all worth it.

I miss a lot of my friends from my old home but, am trying to keep tabs on them. And I am making a lot of friends in this new home.

Overall, good things happening :)

The only that was missing in my life was this blog. So! For the second time this year, I claim to be back! I will try to be. Someone, hold me to this. I'd really appreciate it :)

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