Sunday, October 10, 2010

Best $2 I Ever Spent: Disney Cookbook

Okay. So, just moved to the greater DC area, went to the library book sale, and, found the most awesome cookbook EVER.


So, usually, cookbooks like this are just quality food with silly names like "Mickey's Magnificent Mashed Potatoes!"... But they're really just mashed potatoes shaped like Mickey. Nothing special about them... They are just Mashed potatoes. I HATE WHEN BOOKS WITH THEMES DO THAT, SUCH A LET DOWN! You buy it for food fitting a certain image and, it's all just a facade.

Such. A. Bummer.

NOT THIS BOOK! This book is "inspired by the animation". So, essentially, if it was on screen in a Disney movie, it made it into the cookbook. Sure, there are some things that are reaches. BUT- most everything in the book is a reference to food that was once animation. There are over 300 recipes in this book and most all of them are exceptionally fun and Disney like :)

For example!

This is from the movie Mulan! She eats this breakfast dish before going to the first day of training in the army... REMEMBER? Remember remember remember! I am super enthusiastic about this right now. Wonder if that is clear...

Okay- so there isn't berry butter in the movie "Sleeping Beauty". But there is an entire scene/song in which Aurora is picking berries and then later when they are making bread. I thought this was so cute, the way they set up this page, so I put it in anyway.

There is a recipe for Mango Wuzzle jam!! Bed Knobs & Broomsticks may be one of the best, albeit little know, Disney movies to have ever been made. And their dinner scenes were great. I am not sure I will be making Mango Wuzzle jam anytime soon but, I now have the option! If I do, I will totally be watching the movie whilst I work.

The commercial/obsession in the "101 Dalmatians" for Kanine Krunchies should be easily recalled by any Disney fan. I am not sure if this recipe is for the K9 members of your family or the humans... perhaps both depending on flavor preferences?

And this is by far my favorite recipe in the book! Herculade! One of the newer movies, "Hercules" still gets me every time and when the muses sang about his new beverage line, like all the other Herc-groupies, Pain, and Panic- I wanted to get myself a glass!

This is likely to be the first thing I make from the book. Perhaps a spiked adult version for my friends. It's so fun and fruity looking and, of course, makes the childhood movie come off the screen and into my kitchen.

I'll keep you posted on how well making these Disney recipes turns out :)


  1. How cute! thanks for sharing some of the recipes too! i might just go out and buy it or put it on my christmas list!

  2. I work at Disneyland and saw this book recently. I was thinking about picking it up and after reading your post I think I might! However, I don't think I can beat the $2 price you got, even with my cast member discount :|