Friday, January 7, 2011

Generation GaGa

Lady GaGa is... our generation's Madonna. She is beyond a music icon, morphing into a trifecta icon of music, fashion, and media. Her wardrobe is, in particular, always splashing entertainment news.

I mean, look at that outfit. So weird and so... totally awesome! You may hate GaGa's look, music, and personality. I am not entirely sure how I feel about all of those things either. But, you must admit, she is pretty interesting. You can't seem to look away. And, one way or another, everyone seems to be ga-ga for GaGa. She even warranted an entire episode in Glee, with iconic costumes for the entire crew to boot. And while her wardrobe isn't for us normal human beings, it must be noted, she wears a LOT of cool things. Fashionista of the decade type things. 

Including this celestial getup shown above here. Very awesome. She almost looks like Storm, from X-Men. Check the eyes. Clearly Stormy. 

I don't know how she is walking here. Those shoes are BEASTS. Not only are they platforms, they have spike heels. Although, I guess it's a photograph so, she may not be walking. She could just be standing, very still, and turning for each photo.

Back to my point! In strict regards to her fashion, I find myself having some GaGa envy. For just a week, I would love to dress like her. It's quite honestly a dream of mine, although I could never pull of the imagined looks. It's still just fun to come up with strange and fun outfits that GaGa could rock and I wish I could.

For example! A dress entirely composed of flowers

I think Project Runway proved to all of us that flower dresses are pretty. Exponentially so. Outside of a runway though, televised or otherwise, I am relatively certain Lady G is the only one who could pull the look off.

Please note, I am not wearing shoes. If I am wearing a mother nature approved outfit, I am pretty sure that's the way she'd want it.

Less pretty and more...vintage industrial is what inspired my next GaGa look.

Chain mail. Not just for jousting! It could make a clearly adorable flapper dress, and paired with the right helmet, probably look historically accurate. Ish. Okay, not at all. And I drew mine with a purple feather so, that's a wash for accuracy. It is accurate that my arms are flailing about aimlessly in the image. I am pretty sure if I had a heavy metal helmet on my head, with slits that are supposed to provide vision but clearly wouldn't be awesome at it, my arms would be doing just that. Flailing in locational concern.

This look is tricky because it would entail training live butterflies. Like the flower look, it'd be super pretty... but also difficult to exist in. I didn't mention this with the flower dress but... how would you ever sit down? You'd crush your flowers. And with the butterflies... wow. 

It'd be a massacre if you ever laid down on a sofa or bent down to pick something up.

Speaking of! GaGa should probably come out with her own line of leotards. To wear most of her ridiculous outfits and NOT show something inappropriate, my little cartoon self would CLEARLY need one. Especially if a butterfly flew away. Or flower wilted...

A large part of the appeal for GaGa is the scandal of her looks, the over the top sex of them... I don't role that way though. I prefer...not playing with the "ho" line.

Beginning to question these looks. A lot. Especially the butterflies. I mean... besides probably killing something whenever you moved...and it being a possible scandal if THEY moved... have you ever seen a butterfly up close? They are still bugs. I mean, yes, they have pretty wings. But if you look at them...

That is still a bug. A creepy looking, fuzzy, lots of feelers and legs, bug. To have hundreds of those clinging to my body... FRIGGIN JUMPING SOCKS, OR!


If caterpillars, AKA baby butterflies, were crawling over me in an attempt to compose my outfit, I am certain that you would be able to hear my screams in California. And for context, I live in Washington, DC. 

THAT is an accurate illustration. Lots of screaming. And immobile shock.

That is the thing about GaGa that makes everyone unsure what to think. On the one hand, she's awesome. On the other... why would a person want to wear/do that. It's like for every outfit that kicks lint, she needs to wear one that might make a normal person throw up. Just to maintain a balance. 

...I am pretty sure this outfit doesn't need commentary. It's meat, string, and fishnets. Delicious?


I am not sure this generation's fashion icon is one I am willing to follow. My favorite GaGa looks are all flash, glam, and retro. Very reminisce of a certain cartoon character from my childhood.

Ohhh, yeah. Anyone else watch Jem? Jem and the Holograms? 

Epic cartoon. Super cheesy and very often pink. She was a millionaire who led a secret life as a rock star. As Superman was to Clark Kent, Jem was Jerrica. All young girls in the 80's/early 90's wanted to be both.

Yep. That's my new look. 

I am pretty sure my boss won't mind.

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