Monday, April 18, 2011

Mini Garlic & Mushroom Burgers

This recipe came about by an extremely happy accident. I was hungry and my roommate was hungry and we both were about to make dinner. "What do you feel like?" I asked, and my very complacent roommate told me whatever. Something fast. Something yummy.

Let me tell ya, these were yummy!

I had dinner rolls and mushrooms, my roommate had some mini burger patties she had bought because they were extremely cute.

What? We're girls. We sometimes buy things just because of their "cute" merit.

Anyway! So, we decided to join forces and cook food. My roommate cooked up the patties on a skillet while I went to work on the toppings. 

So so so good. Happy accident, I'm telling you.

I sautéed the mushrooms with butter (approx 2 tbsp) and a sprinkle of garlic salt. I had some minced garlic in my fridge, so I put a spoonful of that in and let everything meld together.

While my mushrooms were browning and simmering, I took 3 tbsp of mayo and 2 tbsp of cream cheese and blended until smooth. I then mixed it with 1/2 tsp dried basil, oregano, and 1/4 garlic salt. I added salt and pepper and some of the oil from my minced garlic jar in the fridge.

With a couple stirs, I had a delicious garlic-cheese spread.

To assemble the burgers, put the patty on bottom of the bun, (which, by the way, we used white dinner rolls). Put a hefty dollop of the mushroom on patty, then smear the top of the burger bun with a big blob of garlic spread, and place on top of the entire thing. These are very precise terms, dollop and blob. But, when you're done, you'll have a delicious miniature sandwich.

Yum. Divine. Try not to eat more then 8. I feel like that could be horrible for your health.


  1. Anything mini rocks my socks.
    case in point, see my last post on mini pot pies.

    and yes, i do buy/want things just cause they're cute. all the time. i think it drives my boyfriend nuts.

  2. i love buying cute food, so i definitely understand:) and sliders are the perfect cute little burger, i love the topping choices you picked. can't wait for summer and all the cookouts to come!

  3. Oh, you girls. Rockin' in the kitchen. I don't use the word cute a lot (probably because it's the best descriptive of me). Love what you did here.

  4. Ciao bella,
    Sono passata qui per augurarti una buona Pasqua.
    Un bacio

  5. I love mini-burgers, Meaghan, and my body is too old to deal with White Castle anymore. These look so good, and so much better! I'm definitely ready to give these a try. And happy Easter!


  6. I have given you the Versatile Blogger Award! I hope you accept, here is the link to the blog post.

  7. I love mini-burgers, they are so cute and bite-sized! (Though it usually means I end up eating more than I would had the burgers been regular-sized! So worth it, though!)

    I also gave your blog an award, please do stop by my blog to accept it!

  8. Oh... Yes. That looks so yummy. The only problem with bite-sized is that I eat too many. Yep.

  9. These do look cute and yummy! And yes I also but things because they are 'cute' :)

  10. Mini food is always better! These look great!

  11. Used this recipe on Portabello Mushroom burgers I had the other night! it was delish!