Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Georgetown Cupcakes Giveaway! AKA The "Over 200 Awesome Humans & Over 50,000 Views" Giveaway!

So, I mentioned this on my facebook page but I haven't said it here yet. You guys are pretty much awesome. 

Over 200 of you follow me! Possibly even more! And you guys (and random strangers) have viewed this page over 50,000 times! So, I really really want to thank you somehow and, this is really the best way I know.

A giveaway! Yay, free things for you readers!!

So, what am I going to give you guys in this give away? Isn't it obvious? One lucky reader gets Georgetown Cupcakes! So long as you live in the United States- You can win a 1 dozen custom assortment of Georgetown Cupcakes (from TLC's "DC Cupcakes") sent from me directly to your door!

Sorry about that "United States" residency thing. I don't make the rules of Georgetown Cupcake's shipping policy but, that's apparently a thing. International readers, if you want to call me out on the fact that this stinks and you are bummed you don't get to enter, here's a prize just for you! If you send me your address and grievances about missing out on cupcakes via e-mail, I will send you a postcard with a comic of my condolences!

I know my comics are not as sweet (see what I did there?) as Georgetown Cupcake's but, maybe they can sooth some of the pain in missing out this round... 

Anyway. All these pics you are seeing of cupcakes are from a custom assortment I built for myself and my roommate. I can tell you right now that all of the cupcakes were delicious but, we timed it perfectly to make sure we could have some of the best flavors. 

"Timed it perfectly?" you ask. Well, you can see the menu here from Georgetown Cupcake is pretty diverse. The cupcake specials change on a month to month and day to day basis. We ordered on a Friday in May to get the desired results of most delicious cupcakes to our taste. For that one lucky winner, you can pick whichever day of the week you'd like in either April or May for ordering. That opens you up to a TON of cupcake options!

My favorite of the cupcakes was the Hummingbird cupcake (lower left corner)- a modern spin on the Souther confection of tropical coconut, pineapple, pecan cake topped with cream cheese. The Georgetown version loses the coconut and gains the cheerful little blue bird topper. However, if you want the full Georgetown Cupcake experience, they are most famous for their Red Velvet, making it a must in any dozen.

For those of you who don't already know this, Georgetown Cupcake is kind of a big deal in DC/the US. It was nominated for the best cupcake in DC and had people lining up and down the street for cupcakes far before it got a television show.

And then it became the home of the television show "DC Cupcake".

And the show rapidly took off from there. Leading to books, DVD sales, and of course, more Georgetown Cupcakes being whisked up each day...

For myself, I can say these cupcakes are delicious and worth having at least once in a lifetime. If nothing else, to see what all the fuss is about. They are delicious and adorable and I don't ask for much more in a cupcake. I know tons of people who swear by them and, as one of the big themes for my blog right now is experiencing DC, I want to share this big time DC experience with you. You guys are kind of my favorites after all and sharing is caring.

So! Now onto HOW you enter! 

All you have to do is send me your name/what you love about cupcakes via one of the following modes by 8PM (Eastern Standard Time) Monday, April 9th:

1) Like my facebook page here & write directly on the wall!

3) Comment on this post!

The winner will then be randomly selected and announced on Tuesday, April 10th! 

I hope all of you guys get a chance to enter! This is really the least I could do for you all, I truly have the best readers and am almost entirely undeserving of your constant feedback and kindness. Good luck to you all!


  1. Hey Meaghan, great blog and love the cupcake contest. My favorite thing about cupcakes is the millions of flavors/combos one can make with cupcakes, as perfectly portrayed by Georgetown Cupcakes. Good luck!

    1. I completely agree. There are so many flavor combination for cupcakes, it's baffling. Makes my choice when entering a bakery so difficult. Do you go with what you know and love or do you go with the new and bizarre that could in turn become known and loved? :-)

  2. The chocolate cupcakes from GC are UNREAL. In my opinion, there really isn't anything NOT to love about cupcakes. I would love a box!!! :)

  3. i love that they are fun and portion-controlled

  4. Love your blog and LOOOOVE cupcakes! Couldn't pass up this chance to win some delish freebies.

  5. Whoa. Those cupcakes look CRAZY good.
    Get in my belly, delicious cakes.

  6. I love cupcakes! What's not to love? cupcakes get more and more creative everyday. And those ones look super delish. please pick me!

  7. I love cupcakes, especially the frosting. I am one of those people that ike a 50/50 ratio of cake to frosting. My husband, on the other hand, dislikes the frosting part so I typically take his share for myself!

  8. Seriously? Cupcakes?

    You don't have to tell me twice.

    Actually, you kind of did. But I'm here now!


  9. This is a great idea Meaghan! And if you are in the Lincoln park area of Chicago, you should check out Molly's cupcakes, they are almost as fantastic as Georgetown cupcakes.

  10. Hey, I'm Gabbie and I love everything about cupcakes, but mainly I love all the assorted flavors you can make, and you can never be wrong.

  11. I want cupcakes! I think what I like best about cupcakes is, in fact, the cake part. I mean, without the cake, a cupcake is just a cup, and honestly, I don't feel much like eating a cup. again.

  12. I heart your blog, Meaghan! Those cupcakes look so good! Next time I am in DC to visit you I think we are going to have to make a trip to the Georgetown Cupcakes shop. The pictures make me regret not stopping by when I was with you guys last spring!

  13. Thanks so much for this giveaway! I'm a cupcake fiend and while I love to bake my own I also enjoy trying others' funky flavors. Plus it's always nice to have someone else do the work for once. My favorite thing about cupcakes is the single-size serving. I don't have to feel too guilty about splurging on dessert as long as I stop at just one.

  14. Hm...what I like about cupcakes?? Honestly: the frosting-to-cake ratio! The best cupcakes have a mountain on top, and sometimes a filling too :)

  15. i love how you get enough frosting with every bite!

    lauren51990 at aol dot com

  16. Can I admit that I have yet to have a Georgetown Cupcake? Though I have a few friends that swear they can't be beat. Even if I don't win I think I am going to make a resolution to head down there at some point this summer.

    Oh, and my favorite thing about cupcakes? The icing and fun toppings that are sprinkled on them. Don't get me wrong, I like the cake part too. but nothing beats some yummy frosting!