Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Crab" Salad Sandwich

So, Walmart had this imitation crab meat on sale and while that probably would have turned a normal person away but! I decided I was going to have to try it. 

Super happy I did. I made this refreshing like, seasoning glaze, that, yes seems like seasonings overload. One too many things bursting all over the the place. BUT! It's not like that. It's a happy grouping of flavors opening up into eachother and becoming something new and fun.

It's this flavorful, refreshing, pile of meat that, while apparently not real crab, TASTES like real crab.

Can't go wrong with that :)

"Crab" Salad:
-1 package imitation crab meat
-2 teaspoons Pesto
-1 teaspoon Minced Garlic
-1 teaspoon Dijoin Mustard
-2 tablespoons Mayo

Mix crab meat with all ingredients with a fork, just slightly mixing all ingredients. Should just coat everything without making a dense layering of sauce. Serve on toasted bread with spinach, or lettuce, and tomato if you are into that. I clearly am. Enjoy :)

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