Friday, March 25, 2011

Not Thursday

You know what today is? Not Thursday. Not Thursday at all. Today is not even kind of Thursday, it is in fact Friday, which means I am totally horrible at blogging.


Especially since this is STILL not a post. 

I am going on vacation this next week with my family. Because I am doing that plus had awesome house guests for the past weekend plus have this full time job that sometimes makes me do stuff- I have had no time. For anything. I think my brain therefore deluded itself into believing it had MORE time than it actually had. Yesterday, I walked around believing it was Wednesday with absolute, scary, certainty. 

Me: Okay, so Thursday night-
Co-worker: You mean tonight?
Me: What? No, tomorrow night.
Co-worker: Today's Thursday. So you mean tomorrow, Friday night.
Me: Yes, tomorrow night.

Notice how I didn't acknowledge the dates? Just when/how I wanted things to happen? "Tomorrow night" was all I was thinking. And that I needed more time this week. I seriously woke up this morning freaking out because I almost missed an appointment for Friday solely because I'd been convinced that it was Thursday morning. DESPITE KNOWING IT WAS NOT THURSDAY MORNING. My brain seemed to pick and choose when to know the date. It really wanted an extra day to write a post for you guys but, it didn't happen. And now, since as I said I am going on vacation, you won't get a post for two weeks.

I know. I'm a cotton headed-ninny-muggins. 

But you see,  scanners don't live at our house in California. So, next week will also not have a post because I won't have posting abilities. This will be me next week. 

I will clearly be in no place to post. I'm stranded in a pool. Look at those freckles sprouting on my face from the sun damage. I'm clearly going to be in crisis mode- not comic mode.

Look, none of you readers are real readers. You just claim to love me. You have to throw me a bone here and let me slip up these two weeks and just wait patiently for a post when I return.

Since you're being so very good and so very, very patient. Here is a comic to tide you over. 

Baseball season is officially upon us! Yay for today!!! Here you go:

My favorite cubs joke used to be "What do the Cubs and the Yankees have in common? They both haven't won a series in their new stadium!" ... but then 2009 happened. 

Such a bummer. Pesky Yankees. 

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