Monday, May 16, 2011

Assorted Cookies and Cream Cupcakes

These are vanilla cupcakes with some oreos crushed inside and then one making the case. The outsides are also decorated with oreos and they look like Ewoks and Lei. 

They were adorable. And delicious.

Here's a shot of the inside. Next to the image of the cupcake interior below you'll notice the chocolate peanut butter cupcakes that are filled with peanut butter, chocolate filled, pretzels. Those were my favorite. They weren't decorated as Ewoks though, which won my heart. They were decorated as C3PO, Darth, and R2D2. But anyway! Back to these. 

GOSH! Look how friggin cute these cupcakes are! I love Ewoks. They are so cute. They make the 3rd movie 1,000 times more adorable and amazing. I messily iced it, pushed some crushed oreos on as the face, piped the hood-line, and covered up any oreo pieces. Then I put two mini oreos in as ears and piped some chocolate eyes and a nose on.

These cupcakes are iced with some vanilla icing I twinged with pink. I stuck two large oreos on the side with some messy icing, piped some black hair bangs, and then used heart and circle sprinkles for her lovely lil face. Loved this!

Both cupcakes went over well. I liked them lots. Hope you kids do too.

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