Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In A Rut- Help Me, Guys?

Hey, it is TOTALLY February! 

When the heck did THAT happen? 

So, fact. I haven't posted since my Mom's birthday. 

(Love you, Mom. Sorry again the recipe isn't up yet...)
Which, as I forgot to put up the accurate recipe of blueberry pizza, even that needs to be updated. Not a great showing for Team Meaghan. 

I have been focusing a lot this past month on myself and me time which, has been very helpful. New Years resolutions include getting myself more involved with the city of DC, getting my body more in line with the streamlined diva I feel I am inside my slightly more curved (don't be shocked, this is a cooking blog!) diva shell, and connecting with all my loved ones so I stay balanced on all sides... 

But perhaps most importantly: my resolution is to NOT lose my creative edge. Which, hey, I have been. 

As many of you have been following my blog, you may have noticed a shift in it's tone. Far more frazzled for one. Far less.... well, CREATIVE for two. I haven't drawn up a comic for this in months. I haven't made something geeky, off the wall, and off book in even longer. 

I actually have a back log of recipes. An entire month and a half worth of posts chilling in "draft" state that I just haven't hit "publish" on. I had posts for December's end, I had posts for January, that I had pictures edited for, recipes dictated, witty snippets jotted down for... 

And yet they didn't happen. I kept asking myself "why don't you just hit the publish button this week? it's right there, you have no excuse..." but STILL nothing was happening. Outside of Pinterest. I'd effectively side track my brain or just trail off and let the thought die where it stood. My enthusiasm was dead and I couldn't figure out why, what the heck was wrong. The answer came to me yesterday as I realized another week had come and gone and I was the post-less wonder. 

My blog bores me right now. I am in a rut of recipes that are delicious but, all of us have seen before. You and I both have. Promise. The drive to post something that you all have seen/could make yourselves, that I make all the time, or that I made but didn't particularly faint for isn't too alluring. 

And shouldn't this page be alluring? 

So here we go. New Year, new plan. 

(I know, you guys thought you were done hearing people's blog resolutions as it is February 1st, not January 1st, but I can't seem to stay on point- ever). 

We are going to post all the mediocre recipes that never got deemed worthy of "Publish" in Dec/Jan (some of which I GUESS are great but, I am stare at listlessly due to lack of enthusiasm) that are collecting dust in my "blogger drafts" in the next 10 days. They still exist, I SHOULDN'T leave them to die. I guess. For my part, I will finish editing them to a decent post level and then post them and not say things like "BORING Lemon Curd Recipe" "LAME French Toast". For your part, you will pretend to read and enjoy them. 

Or actually read them, whichever. 

Then, the new plan part begins. I want to get back to the parts of my blog I adore. And I want you guys to help me brainstorm and, should the idea strike me, I will make it happen/credit you for the seed of inspiration. Or if it's a specific recipe of yours and I replicate it, I will link you/credit you. Post your suggestions here, post them on my facebook page, e-mail me, whatever! What kind of thing am I looking for? Well, I want to feel energized about this page again, so looking into what my blog's favorite parts for me thus far include, we have: 

1) Geeky culinary homages. Anytime I can incorporate pop culture, comic books, or literary references and food together, I am a happy girl.

2) Unusual flavor combinations. Anything striking, like basil raspberry, or marshmallow pretzel, or chocolate crusted pork belly- that somehow tastes spectacular and just as stunning as the strangeness of the idea. 

3) Unique cooking techniques. Anything that is outside of the usual chop, stir, dice. Tips, Old abandoned techniques, even into the world of gadgets- anything with a spin I deem interesting!

4) Craft suggestions. Remember how I have a craft section that has been updated ONCE!? I love crafts but, get all self conscious that people make things all the time like mine/they aren't creative enough to post. Send me some with spark and I will replicate, credit, and boast about how cool you are! Or challenge me to make something crafty that you've never seen, that I've never seen, and we can wow the web!

5) DC suggestions. There was that mention up there that I am trying to get to know DC.... well, I am trying to get to know DC. I have signed up for random classes and events, I stroll throughout the downtown on my lunch breaks, I am trying to eat somewhere new every time I eat out. Got a DC must? Send it to me. I am thinking of adding a section to my blog called "DC Bucket List" where I document the musts in town and my experience there. 

6) ANYTHING YOU GUYS LIKE! I want this to be a place YOU enjoy reading just as much as I enjoy writing it. So, tell me what you want! I'll try and aim for your goals, my goals, and deliver the caliber of blog entries this page deserves. Because, just looking around the page, it doesn't deserve "dull". And the fact that I've been feeling like it's a bit "blah" just means it's face lift time. 

So, let's lift our own up and smile. 2012 it is, let's hear it for never a dull moment :)


  1. It all sounds great to me!

    I'm all for some DC suggestions. I have also made a resolution to see more of the city, but sadly, I have yet to venture downtown this year (except for one night at the improv, but I don't think that counts)

    Recipes are always fun. Would love to pin more to pinterest!

  2. this made me laugh b/c I'm bad about doing a post and saying stuff like....'it was edible'; 'it was okay, but not great'; blah, blah, blah. Post your stuff in draft, give your honest opinion and see what happens. I'm usually shocked at the stuff that gets an awesome response, and then the things I think are fabulous don't get much recognition. maybe that means I'm a little out of the norm? but I'm cool with that ;)

  3. I've been thinking of doing something similar with my home state of Indiana. Exploring some of the beautiful places it has to offer, and then sharing them on my blog. Hang in there, we all get in a rut sometimes, it just means we need to shake it up a bit and try something new. I think your heading in the right direction. :)