Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Duncanpology: An Apology, Cherry Blossom Cupcakes, & Duncan Heinz Mix Ups Review


Which brings me to, SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY!

I am not dead, injured, ill, or anything quite so dramatic. 

I was however cut from my position in the company I work for and shifted to new ones that involved interviews, travel, craziness, and now ridiculous hours. 

So, no blogging happened. 

Life happened all over the place though. 
Now I have a new role that involves more responsibilities and hours, plus a handsome boyfriend, and all the usual drama of being me twirling around on an endless loop.

Oh look! Cherry Blossom Cupcakes! 

Cute :)

Much nicer as a topic than my life. Let's talk cupcakes.

I used those dried marshmallow bits that Jif has started to sell and shook them up in a bag with some red, pink, and a drop of purple food dye. 

I then dotted them with a few green icing pieces to make some abstract leaves. 

And kind of hoped they looked like a spin on some of DC's cherry blossoms. 

Maybe? Ish?

The icing is cherry as well. Has anyone else seen these? 

It's like a flavor packet you combine with icing to create new spins on flavors. 

My rating of this product? Less than awesome.

Tasted artificial and strange. Plus, I wanted pink so I bought cherry to fit the blossom theme and it was barely tinted so I had to dye it myself and then the consistency was off from the packet/dye/icing.

It took a lot more work than store bought icing should when I can make my own and be much more thrilled with the results. 

So, in conclusion: these cupcakes were just store bought/an experiment with the Duncan Heins new product but, I recommend you bake/make from scratch instead.

But, the cherry blossoms looked kind of cool

Yeah, I like how they came out. Feel free to make cupcakes that are in imitation of these decorations anytime.

One last cycle back to my crazy life...

I am pretty sure this blog is 50/50, posts and then apology posts for not being responsible and living up to the promises I give you guys.

"Will post a letter a week"

"Want to post a comic weekly"

"You'll hear from me soon"

This is not because I don't have grand intentions or because this blog isn't A priority. This is because the more "real life" instead of "web life" things are MORE OF a priority. Which, I feel like all of you agree, should be the case. Even though I love blogging and want to be routine in the future. Whenever my life explodes with drama, work, new exciting things, and sleep deprivation abounds... the first thing to go after "laundry", "working out", and "general cleanliness" is this blog.

Which I apologize for once again here and will hope you guys can understand.

This past week was my fifth "55 plus" hour work week in a row. I'd been continually being told that my hours would "shift back to normal" soon but, this just doesn't seem to be the case. I don't know when/if I can expect that to happen so, I am going to try and make a real effort to juggle life as a work-aholic better with things like working out and having clean clothes. 

I miss all of you, all of your support, all of your blogs, all of our chat room conversations and tumblr explorations. I hope to get more time and more sleep and in the meantime, am going to try and be extremely ambitious and blog a bunch of letters this week and then get into the "one a week" routine for that Alphabet Project I barely started before the explosions began.

As they say, timing is everything.

Which, speaking of timing, despite the crazy work hours, drama of my life, and general stresses this past piece of summer... I am also the happiest I have ever been. 

I am dating my best friend. There's a story there of how, he was always with someone else, I was always dating other people, and then there was just an "oh, it's you" moment where the single-ness and stars aligned and we just suddenly happened.

I say suddenly because, I never saw it coming. At all. He was categorized in my head as "un-date-able" and that was that. However, ask any of our friends and this has apparently been  in the works for some time, ha. I was just an idiot.

Ah well though, I now am very aware of how I feel and he seems to feel the same so. Beginning stages of dating, happy glowing-ness, trying to make time for each other on top of everything else, crazy, strange, new-ness, of "aw" is happening in my life too. 

Which is pretty much as great as cherry cupcakes.
If not, way way more.

Letters to come later! Love you all and excited to be back :)


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  2. Three things:
    1. How sweet!
    2. We promise we will not hold you to "Letters to come later!"
    3. Can you please post some more pictures of those cupcakes? JK, lol! But they really do look like cherry blossoms, you are an artist.

    1. Thanks across the board, ha. Yeah, many pictures! they kind of just kept multiplying but, I decided to roll with it :)