Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cupcakes A-Z: B is for...

Bears...Beets...Battlestar Galactica!

From this scene, for those of you who don't recall this particular reference from "The Office". 

Gosh, I had way too much fun with these cupcakes. 

"Battlestar Galactica"  

How cute is this lil guy? I mean, really.

Love pandas. This lil bug had me mooning over him, ha.

He is made by frosting a donut hole for his head and using Oreos crushed for fur, broken in half for paws, and then chocolate chips turned backwards for ears.

Beets! This beet was made by molding a red Starburst to the proper shape.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA! Which, if you guys recall the bleeding cylon cupcakes, I am a fan.

This was created by melting white chocolate, piping it on parchment, and filling in the gaps with melted chocolate. I then painted the white with red food paint. 

It doesn't look the prettiest but, you get the idea. 

As I said, these cupcakes made me way way too happy. Dwight = True Comedy.

I really hope I am not the only one who recalls this cold open.

I am somewhat counting on "Bears...Beets...Battlestar Galactica" being a phrase that people besides my friends quote constantly.

But hey, even if you don't recall, that's 3 B cupcakes! 

Ha, the enjoyment doesn't stop here. See C this coming Monday! (Couldn't resist that word play, sorry kids).

And if you don't already, you need to watch "The Office". From Season 1 (which was epic) to now, which is getting back into the swing of things.

The American Version is what I am pointing to here. But, the UK version (which is the original) is also well worth a watch.

"Identity theft is not a joke, Jim!"

Ha, love it! Enjoy the cupcakes :)

A Part of the Cupcakes A thru Z Project


  1. I love you! Identity theft is not a joke, Jim! Millions of families suffer every year!!

    I love seeing all your cupcakes they are all so cute.

    1. thank you! ha. i love you too! and the office :)

  2. I LOVE THIS! I say "Bears...Beets...Battlestar Galactica" a little too often and people often stare at me in mass confusion. (I also say "Case of the beet bandit. Missing beets from all over the farm, no footprints. Inside job. Mose in socks. Boom. Case closed." a little more than I probably should too.)

    The Office (back when it was funny) and cupcakes! Does life get any better?