Sunday, May 20, 2012

News! News! An Alphabet Project

So I came up with this idea for a blog series on my pages.... 

Cupcakes A thru Z. A is for.... B is for....

You get the idea. (Find all the letters to date here)

So now, exciting beginnings! Starting tomorrow and every subsequent Monday, I will be posting the new letter/cupcake until we've made it through the alphabet. 

So, to do this, I made almost 200 cupcakes. And then decorated them like the alphabet.

It was pretty much good times, ha.

First I made a double batch of white funfetti...

Then I made a triple batch of chocolate....

And finally a double batch of red velvet...

Yup. We are talking a frack ton of batter...

And a frack ton of eggs.

Yielding a frack TON of cupcakes, ha!

I bought so many cupcake liners to coordinate for certain letters. And there is my tin of icing which got seriously dwindled during this project.

This project took 4 days in total work sum. I got sick in the middle and then life caught up with me so, I had to pause but. It was eventually a very proud moment. 

Our entire house smelled like cupcakes for a week, ha. 

I laid out the letters so I could scheme and see what I have. 

My puppy, Mack was a fan.

Mack was sacrificing valuable nap time to guard the cupcakes....

From there, it was a lot of icing, sculpting, and clumsy, ha. Overall, a success though.

I cannot wait to share each and every letter with you!

Tomorrow we'll reveal A! I hope you guys enjoy this series as much as I enjoyed all the prep work :)

Explore all the Cupcakes A-Z Here


  1. First off, that is an effe load of cupcakes !

    Next, I want your puppy.

    1. yay! thanks for supporting me!

      and also, yes. you can have him. FYI, he's a grouch and 13 years old