Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cupcakes A-Z: M is for...


I really couldn't have geeky, pop culture, alphabet cupcakes without representing Lord of the Rings somehow.


Not only were the books amazing but I was a huge fan of the movies. I won't lie, seeing LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring is what triggered an interest to read all of the books. 

Magical. Just magical.

And I mean that with every intention for the pun.

One ring to rule them all....

My ring was made from a carefully formed yellow starburst rolled in some gold edible glitter and then some orange edible paint scrawling to look like the inscription.

I used to know how to write elvish and a couple of the other languages JRR made up (yes, I am THAT nerdy) but I haven't done that in decade so. This is just scribble script.

I was pretty proud of my Eye of Sauron though. All just piped icing.

We have the All Seeing Eye on top of some plain chocolate cupcakes to kind of look like the Mt. Doom scape that is Mordor.

However, Sauron's Eye looks much more Eye like when properly framed. I just mocked this up with construction paper to off set the look in perfect geek form.

I mean. Come on.
How fun is that?

Love LOTR. Love everything about it. Love my geeky friends who host LOTR dinner parties. Love the idea of hosting one myself. Maybe I will do some to celebrate The Hobbit Movies.

Because, come on. Just like the other trilogy. How awesome was that opening flick?


Enjoy the cupcakes :)

A Part of the Cupcakes A thru Z Project

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