Friday, September 20, 2013

Cupcakes A-Z: Y is for...

Yoshi and Gang!

From Super Nintendo and beyond... always loved the green guy!

When it came to cupcakes in a Yoshi ode, I decided to include the key members and items as well.

From top left and to right and descending rows we have: 
Bowser, A Coin Block, Princess Peach
A Star, Yoshi, A Fire Flower
Mario, A Mushroom, & Luigi!

So, a fraction of the gang. As anyone involved in the Nintendo universe knows, the options are limitless...

Would be making cupcakes into eternity if I tried to cover all spectrums and characters!

To make all the characters, I did the same trick that was a common theme through all the cupcakes. Hand piped dark chocolate for the black outlines, white chocolate filled into all the fillings, and then hand painted with food dyes.

As I said: Bowser & A Block....


Princess Peach....

& Our Man! Yoshi & A Fire Flower...


Also, yes. I miscolored the fire flower. Good catch. 

And of course. Mario, a Mushroom, and Luigi.

The best brothers in the video game world :)

Mushrooms looking SO like Toad always kind of worried me. Are they little Toad babies that the other characters eat? Are they Toad heads that they all shrunk and injected with magical properties and now play with and throw all over their little mario worlds? 

... too dark?

Apologies! Let's focus back on Yoshi and Stars and Flowers! 

Cheerful retro gaming :)

A Part of the Cupcakes A thru Z Project

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