Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I love food.

I love food, and I love cooking, and I love experimenting with cooking and food and feeding it to my loved ones.

As I have already mentioned. I am also exceptionally clutzy. Unreasonably so. I'm that person who is regularly astounded when she reaches new levels of ridiculous mess, injury, or embarrassment.

I often hear the words "that could only happen to you".

Perhaps some of you can relate to this. To getting tangled in things, burnt on things, falling into, onto, and off of things.

And perhaps even more of you can relate to loving cooking.

This is a place for simple, delicious cooking. Cooking that, if I can do it without having a breakdown and bleeding across several surfaces, then all you normal people out there will be astounded by how easy and delicious the recipes I find and post really are.

Some of these I've made up. Some of these are secret family recipes that I had to beg to release to the public domain. Some are the result of cooking classes in Florence, Italy for a semester. And some I've literally "stumbled upon"* in food blogs and decided to try out and play with.

So! Here we go. Let's see how blogging works. An adventure for all of us.

Because, really, if you got the idea that I was clumsy in life...trust me when I say it translates into the technological world.

*StumbleUpon, if you don't know what it is, is like a search engine that flips you randomly through your inputed interests. You should 100% check it out. Please be aware, however, that you will be at least 75% less effective as a person due to stumbling and procrastination.

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