Sunday, February 28, 2010

Brie Tartlets

This recipe is probably the most addictive I have ever put up here.

These little guys are popable and delicious. They are simplistic but take some time. I like to make the crusts ahead of time so then all I have to do is fill and heat up but, it's not much work to do all in one go either.

If you like brie, you'll love this as a snack. Plus, instant popularity to make for new friends. My parents used to make these for our family all the time, us kids freaked OUT over them.

But what kids don't like cheese and jam? Or what adults, for that matter?

Just overall a must make. 

Brie Tartlets
-1 loaf white (wonder) bread
-Plain brie cheese
-Raspberry preserves
-2 tablespoons melted butter

Cut all the crust off of ALL the bread. Yes, annoying. Roll as flat as possible with a rolling pin. Cut the large crustless squares into 4 smaller squares. (Quarter them). Press small pieces into mini muffin. Brush with melted butter, bake until golden (about 10 mins), at 350.

I always cut the white crust off my brie but, that's a personal preference. Cut the brie into enough cubes to fill the tarts. Top with a small amount of raspberry preserves. Bake (still at 350) until cheese is melted, (about 5 minutes). Serve warm.


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